A new narrative

What if the reason for all this thought on god(s) and the spirit is more simple than we think.

What if is this simplicity is just because of a basic dimensional truth.

That our minds are in the 4th spatial dimension.

A truth that the brain has sort to comprehend through its evolution.

What if  evolution has a cause which is a force — a force to exist.

We would be then talking about a presence of being that causes being.

This presence must have two qualities — potentiality and unknowingness

What if ‘mind’ could be describe as such.

And then having reached the potential of thought, the mind is awakened in thought.

What if this force of existence was met in the potentiality of it to exist to an equal and opposite force of it not to exist.

How could it move forward — beyond that which determines it not to exist.

What if it did this by the outward act of being  — which is its being —  unknown.

Where against its being unknown is the equal and opposite force of being known.

Then in order to realise its potential to exist — it would have be something known from the unknown.

This something could shift the equilibiurm of the potential to exist against the potential not to exist.

Which would mean to exist further against not existing, it would have to be or have as being something else known.

What if the more something is known, the more its existence remains existing against not existing.

If this would be true, then evolution is propelled by it — propelled by the want of existence against non-existence. 

Then when non-existence becomes a threat, it is when what is known draws back to zero.

If what is known (as experience) is water to exist by that that needs that knowledge. Then if knowing water  (as experience) is drawn back to zero, so is the existence of  what can be known (can be experienced). 

Death occurs in the absence of water.

The mind aware of this seeks to know something else in order to go beyond this threat.

The more foresight one has of this threat the more the mind will work with its existence in anticipation.

What if randomness was the machine of the mind going through an algorithm search to find that something else which can be known. 

Which could shift its position — while still in the same directional force of the unknown acting within it.

What if this becomes a ‘battle ground’ as the intensity of not existing is met with the intensity of existence – As the same mind is in both. 

If one thing’s existence means the non-existence of another. It could therefore imply that the other is the supply of that something else which is sort to be known.

Then the supplier that is reduced further to zero, unless it is able to get something else known to fulfil what was taken. 

The fulfilment caused by that with is other, changes or maintains its oneness into something else.

The grass provides the cow to know food. But if the cow eats all the grass without the grass knowing something else — like soil the grass ceases to exist.

If the grass could have foresight on this it could develop new ways of knowing something else — like knowing how to exist without the soil. 

What if this something else that can be always known, lies in its movement in the 4th spatial dimension. 

Granting this truth in the logic that we must be in this dimension because we are able to perceive 3 dimensions.

This can be easily understood if we consider that to perceive a shape you would need elevation. This elevation would be the encounter with the 3rd dimension.

If this would be true, then there would be a 4th  Dimension needed to perceive the 3rd.

Which is an immaterial attachment to the Body.

What if this immaterial attachment to the body was what we have vaguely comprehended as spirit and better yet god.

And this became the simple fact.

Was if in evolutionary terms we are just the mind-force of existence and a knowing something else in order for this mind-force to keep existing against non-existence.

While still feeling the potential of the same non-existence pushing against our minds. 

What would that mean for us?

Simply put we would have to keep going in knowing of that something else and in stabilising right-knowing in order to ground our existence.

What would then be right-knowing?

It would be a knowing that benefits the whole of existence as a giving back to the whole of existence, while still in a continual shift of its positioning. 

What if art became a medium for that. 

A medium that helped us comprehend the shift our position while still in the benefit for the whole. 

What if the more we would know the reality of this the 4th spatial dimension more we could master our beings.

Dome Wood 2020