Cosmology of Agprognosism

Agprognosism is the twofold movement of a new ontological awareness: The Unknown as a presence-of-being and our minds existing in a 4dimensional  space with a 5th Dimension of time.  

This Space is the inside and outside dimension of formed space  and is united to time.

From the 5th dimension of time-space the 3rd dimension of formed spaced is perceived and acted upon.

It is the unfolding of this dimensional reality that gives Agprognosism its cosmology.

Which begins from the Unknown’s presence-of-being and contains the potential of the known within it, without having that knowledge itself.

As this unfolding dimensionality is the beginning of the universe in consciousness and its evolutionary process of expanding potentiality. Agprognosism sees the universe as the expansion of potentiality that has been made conscious by the mind knowing something.

Much like Buddhist cosmology, Agprognostic cosmology can as well be divided into 2 states— the temporal and the spatial. 

The ‘Temporal Cosmology’ of Agprognosism explains the idea of a cause to the universe as well as the evolutionary reason of existence.

And the “Spatial Cosmology” explains how this cause has created a dimensional progression of space which correlates to the progression from the unconscious to the conscious.

In temporal terms, this expansion occurs as a translation of potential first into intention and then into will, followed by a sense of purpose in the living reproductive system. 

In spatial terms, the expansion occurs in dimensions — going from zero to the 3rd to the fifth dimension. 

From the fifth dimension introspection occurs giving an infinite spiralling of dimensions in the Fibonacci sequence. As the third is added to the awareness of the 5th creating the 8th which is then added to the awareness of the 5th creating the 13th and so on.

As such the 3 dimensional space-form at its basis is that of static form and frozen concepts

 ‘Above’ this, the mind which has moved to the 4th dimensional sphere, operates inside and outside this world with the dimension of time giving the 5th dimension. This shifts the static to the dynamic — of both form and concept.

This however is not solely a downward causation but a movement from an upward causation — the inside to the outside, which brings the downward causation back to the inside by way of reflection. 

In the temporal cosmology, The Unknown is the condition of the void as a presence-of-being. This is very important to the unfolding of its cosmology, for as a presence-of-being mind can become an attribute.

The Unknown having mindfulness does not mean it thinks.

For the Unknown is and remains always unconscious, and thought is an activity of consciousness.

The mind here is seen more like a mirror,  but a mirror that has its own potential energy — which is its force of existence. 

The Unknown then is pure potential existence. 

The Unknown is nothingness with the potential of something to exist.

This potential of something to exist is the very act of the potential in  all — which equally has the potential of nothing to exist as its contradiction.

The ‘drama’ played out is of these two contradicting potentials.

We experience existence, so conclude naturally that something has ‘won’ over nothing. 

It is therefore our general assumption that there was a moment when nothing existed and then something existed more and more in chronological order — as demonstrated by the general science of today. 

Without disputing this, Agprognosism sees that the realm of nothing existing as potential, does not exclude the realm of something existing as that without that potential and without any time consideration. 

Meaning that nothing exists with something, but something must be realised to exist in consciousness.

As the realm of nothingness is only the base layer of potentiality — and the realm of something else is what knowledge awakens consciousness in.

This means that everything already exists unconsciously and some things then exist consciously.

Those things that exist consciously are what we call reality.

Consciousness here is not the activity only given to humans. but to all things that have an autonomous power by its conception.

The defining difference of Agprognosism in relation to other views on consciousness, is that it is an upward causation (from planks constant) of the ability-to-know — in reference to potential-information.

This means that there is a transition from ineffective-consciousness (the inanimate) to effective-consciousness(the animate)

The greater the ability of the thing to know, the greater effect it can have on its manifestation. 

The spatial cosmology of Agprognosism sets out the movement from the void to the 5th dimension as a completion of the full dimensional reality — that them spirals into infinite dimensional possibilities, based on this full reality. 

The mind is what provides the link to each potential dimension but does this by its own nature without any thought attached. 

By this link one dimension is proceeded by another. But each dimension is already there to proceed into the existence of the mind. 

As such there is no other cause than potentiality — which by definition means: if there is a potential it is only what is possible that makes it happen 

This possibility is in the mind.

As the mind awakens in this possibility the dimension is said to occur in the mind, or in other words the thing that the mind has awakened up to is said to occur in the mind that is awaken.

The following steps occur in the spatial cosmology of Agprognosism.

The mind of the Unknown – takes in the void and reflects itself as 0Dimension. That is its potential made possible.

The mind of the Unknown takes in the void from 0Dimension and reflects back 1Dimension. That is its potential made possible. 

The mind of the unknown at 1Dimension takes in 0Dimension and reflects back 2Dimensions, That is its potential made possible.

The mind of the Unknown at 2Dimensions takes in its self at 1Dimension and reflects back 3Dimensions. That is its potential made possible.

The mind of the Unknown at 3Dimension takes in itself as 2Dimensions and reflects back 5Dimensions. Reflecting the 5th dimension completes its full dimensional reality — that in turn spirals out in the infinite expansion of dimensions, 

The 3rd dimension is space-form and the 5th dimension is the inside and outside of this space-form. A time-space.

The movement of the mind in the 5th dimension is the activation of time — and the sense of the spirit in a higher realm.

Dome Wood, 2020