Cube of the Unknown

At the heart of the Agprognostic Temple is “The Cube of the Unknown”.  A  3dimensional shadow cube of a  4dimensional hypercube.

The hypercube is a cube in 4 dimensional space.  

It is thought by The Temple, that from this 4th or otherwise called Xdimension our minds can perceive 3 dimensional space and objects.  

This is the hidden mystery of the world,  but what can be easily understood when one considers that from a 2dimensional plane only 1dimensional lines can be perceived.

This  Xdimensional space is considered to be inside and outside 3dimensional space and is where our minds operate from – which in turn gives us a ‘spiritual’ sensation.

For the Agprognostic Temple this idea forms the basis of the interaction between the material and the immaterial.

To animate this , The  “Cube of the Unknown” much like how the Kaaba is believed to be the house of God – becomes the house of the mind in the Unknown, which for The Temple is the presence-of-being in all things. 

In order for the Temple to represent the Unknown as a presence-of-being, there must be something real that is  unknown –   which enables our minds to be present in the unknown.

This something becomes the artwork that is placed inside the cube.

-The ritual  proceeds by one of the artist selected in the show placing an artwork in the cube.

-This becomes the offering to the Unknown for the exhibition. 

-The artwork remains hidden in the cube during the whole exhibition, with only the dimensional description of the artwork available.

-On the last day of the exhibition the cube is made open and the artwork is revealed. 

-The inside of the cube becomes the outside. 

-As our inner lives become our outer lives.

Further symbolising the manifestation of the unknown in our 3 dimensions as that which becomes known in consciousness while still remaining unknown in the phenomenon of being. 

The true meaning of art in its essence can be said, to be that which has revealed this sensation of  the higher dimension of the Unknown. 

By placing an art work within the cube and making it unknown while knowing that an artwork is there – the unknown is evoked as the fundamental aura of the artwork.

installation view; the cube of the unknown.