Mission Statement

The Agprognostic Temple is a nomadic art space that was founded in 2020 by the artist Dome Wood and the art critic/curator Sam Steverlynck.

As an art space and a temple, it has two specific agendas:
Firstly to curate exhibitions that present unconventional artistic practices where the ideas of “spirituality” and “mysticism” in art are both used and challenged.
And secondly to promote a new ontological narrative that reintroduces the spatial fourth dimension is free from God, spiritualism, and materialism. What becomes a philosophy of consciousness within a temple framework, led by Dome Wood.

For every exhibition, a unique scenography transforms the hosting space into a temple. Where the ritual of venerating the unknown is always present due to the additional feature of the “Cube of the Unknown”.

This combined approach of curatorial and artistic vision has the aim of presenting a new understanding and viewing experience of contemporary art while bringing us into another alternative reality.