In ancient Greece there once stood a temple to the Unknown God “Agnostos Theos”.

Paul in his mission to spread his message of Jesus, came to this temple and saw it as an opportunity to declare — that the god whom they thought to be unknown has been revealed and can become known to them through Jesus.

To all the religious alike  – God their supreme being is ALL Knowing.

This implies that everything can be known — and if everything can be known everything is determined.

Religions and even some thinkers still hold on to this idea, even though it has been clearly overturned by quantum mechanics almost 100 years ago with Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.

The Agprognostic position however , declares its self as a PRELIGION – embracing the unknown as part of the known, and sees it as what gives the mind the Ability-to-know.

Agprognosism sees the workings of the mind through the dimensions of spacetime and beyond to the XDimension as The Principal Being – and understands this Principal Being as what humans throughout the centuries and differing cultures have associated with god or gods.

This reasoning lies at the core of the Agpronostic Temple – where it is believed that every entity — collective and individual is the Principal Being, which varies only by degrees of complexities and can never know itself or the other entirely. 

And that the movement of the unknowing of itself to the knowing of its self gives it the ability-to-know itself — which then brings knowledge to consciousness as an emergent property. 

AGPROGNOSISM – The philosophy behind the Temple,  takes its word from these three aspects of knowing — The Unknown-AGNOSTIC,  the Known-GNOSTIC and the ability-to-know-PROGNOSTIC.

This is an idea of a non-exclusive philosophy — where the known doesn’t exclude the unknown, where the good doesn’t exclude the bad, where the determined doesn’t exclude the undetermined, and where randomness doesn’t exclude intention choice. 

Agprognosism is non-judgemental, and sees everything in degrees and relationships of purpose to each other.

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