Upcoming for 2021.

Chapter 4

Léonard Pongo.
May 29th – June 12th

Opening 22nd of May, 2021

14:00 till 21:00

Following his solo exhibition beginning 2021 in BOZAR, Leonard Pongo (1988) will present a new body of works (pictures, video and textile works) at The Agprognostic Temple. Leonard Pongo is a photographer and visual artist, living between Brussels and Kinshasha. His practice is focused on Congo RD, his country of origin, which he renders as an allegory of for the emergence and evolution of life on earth, hinting at the irrelevance of humanity in a world that constantly moves through a cyclical rhythms. By doing so, he pays tribute to the traditions, crafts and myths of the various ethnic groups who have been inhabiting it and seeks to recreate an imaginary world inspired by the land where these tales emerged. This serves to create an own visual language which seeks to escape dominant representations of Congo and offer a reading of the country based on a Bantu vision.

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