Cube of the Unknown

At the heart of the Agprognostic Temple is “The Cube of the Unknown.” A three-dimensional shadow cube of a four-dimensional hypercube

The “Cube of the Unknown”, much like how the Kaaba is believed to be the house of God, becomes the house of the unknown, which for the Temple is the presence-of-being in all things. 

The hypercube represents the totality of being. It is the four-dimensional structure of consciousness that perceives the mind and body, which is in the third dimension.

For the Temple, the unknown presence-of-being is the universality of art.

As a result, it is given a central location in the temple, with the artworks revolving around it.

To venerate the unknown. For each exhibition, an artwork is placed inside the cube, making what was known, unknown. This becomes the offering to the unknown for the exhibition. 

The artwork remains hidden in the cube during the whole exhibition.

On the last day of the exhibition, the cube is made open and the artwork is revealed. 

Making what was unknown become known, where the ability-to-know is elevated to a new height of consciousness,

installation view; the “Cube of the Unknown”