Egothávma – The Four Stances of Being

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edition of 500 for 1 Tezos each.

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The Egothávma presents four stances of being, proposing a new ontological model of the universe. Free from God, spiritualism, and materialism.

This book brings to you the underlying philosophy of the Temple. Demonstrating the emergence of “Being” from the void into the fourth spatial dimension, where consciousness begins to evolve.

The core belief presented here is that our individual consciousness is in the fourth spatial dimension. and interacts with our minds and bodies in the third dimension. This gives ground for a new universalism of humanity, as we become all united in the higher dimension as a supernatural phenomenon.

In this way, The Agprognostic Temple becomes an alternative model of a belief structure, as there is no compromise on the plurality of individual perspectives in relation to declared universals. which becomes reflected in its curatorial approach.