Art has long made the invisible visible, revealing the presence of the unknown to us.

But this revelation does not mean that what is unknown becomes known, but rather that the Unknown itself as a presence-of-being becomes known – as that which can never be known.

Art puts our minds at ease – for through art we inhale the unknown without knowing what it is.

For art has pierced the barrier between the known and the unknown.

It has given us existential oxygen!

So let us honour the unknown and not just the art.

The Agprognostic Temple – a space for art and a house for the Unknown. 

We have given the unknown a throne, a black cube “The Cube of the Unknown”

A shadow cube of a 4Dimensional hypercube.
Which sits at the heart of the Temple.

The Agprognostic Temple is the body of the collective mind.

Art is its technology – it can make cracks in the fabric of spacetime!

Art that is, which achieves real presence – by the full transmigration of the artist’s consciousness, which moves inside and outside the art object.

The Agprognostic Temple calls forth consciousness in the transcendence of the unknown and the known.

As consciousness is our greater being in the fourth Spatial dimension.

Which gives us the supernatural notion of spirits and gods.

As it dwells inside and outside the third Dimension of mind and body.

That is to say, we as conscious beings are simultaneously  inside and outside our material troubles, desires and even thoughts. 

With the evocation of the Unknown — The mind can become at peace with the unremovable existence of the Unknown presence-of-being.

Through this peace given to one’s self, one can walk without fear or hope in the dark night of consciousness – be it necessary.

 Dome Wood 2020